Wellbeing and Self Care Service


The wellbeing service are a team of passionate healthcare professionals here to help you, on behalf of the NHS, with real health and wellbeing issues that can affect your life on a daily basis. It is not a medical or mental health service but can help you with underlying issues that affect your health.

A Self Care Coordinator is someone who

  • You can talk to confidentially

  • Gives you one to one support to help you manage your own health and wellbeing

  • Can link you to local services and support

Issues the service can support you with:

  • Long term conditions e.g. asthma, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, hypertension

  • Lifestyle e.g. diet, physical activity, weight management

  • Money issues, relationships, housing, employment

  • Loneliness, social isolation

  • Caring issues

If you are interested in the service please speak to your GP, Nurse, HCA or reception staff and request a referral. To access the service you must be over 18 years old.  You will be contacted by phone by the Self Care Coordinator in the practice to discuss arranging an appointment. 

An appointment is different for everyone as it is based around your needs. You may only need one appointment to get the information and support that you need. We have time to listen, explore options and help you work towards your goals, from being more physically active to changing unhelpful sleep patterns, or rediscovering your motivation. 

We connect you to whatever will help you manage your health and wellbeing. Whether that's a local group or service, techniques or online tools that you can build into day to day living. Your appointment will open the door to new possibilities in living well.