Out of Hours Services

GP appointments

  • Please call at 8am to book an appointment to see a GP on the same day.


  • Some appointments can be booked in advance.

  • We offer early morning appointments from 7am and evening appointments until 7.30pm

In case of a need for urgent medical advice outside of normal surgery hours please call NHS 111 to speak to an NHS medical professional who will guide you on your medical issue. 

In a medical emergency please call 999

Have an eye problem?

The Minor Eye Service is a free NHS service. If you have a problem with your vision or eyes then you can see the optician rather than the GP or A&E. 

Have a problem with your joints, neck or back?

You can book directly with Rachel the First Contact Physiotherapist.

Heald Green Health Centre 1

Dr Owen and Partners

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Heald Green 



Tel - 01614269000

Email - stoccg.healdgreenp88042@nhs.net

Out of Hours - 111

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